Psychic Readings & Clairvoyance

30 Minute Skype Reading 25.00
30 Minute Telephone Reading 25.00
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Hi, my name is Jo Bradley and I am a psychic medium, I focus on bringing evidence from our loved ones in spirit, to prove that everyone survives the death of their physical bodies. 
I believe communication from our loved one's helps to heal hearts and minds and enables people to move forward, following the loss of their loved one, safe in the knowledge, that their loved one, lives on.
I am also, a developing physical medium and have a website dedicated solely to the support and education of this wonderful form of mediumship.
There are examples on this site in the form of photographs, of some of the phenomena experienced through my work in a physical circle. 

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You must be over the age of 18 to book a reading, all readings by law have to viewed for entertainment purposes only.